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Ferrari 500 Superfast Serie 2 1965 Red Ltd 159 Pcs - 1/18 BBR


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Ferrari 500 Superfast Serie 2 1965 Red Ltd 159 Pcs - 1/18 BBR Made In Italy

The 500 Superfast was the most elite, Italian, hyperboutique GT of the 1960s. At the time it was near-mythical, exquisitely couture and fast in an epic way. The Pininfarina Ferrari is long and sensual, a conventional beauty with curves you want to caress. The Ferrari's V12 has a growl that is silken and confident. These were the last coachbuilt, limited-production cars to be offered by the greatest name in Italian Exotica
Like many of the world's rarest and most extravagant vehicles, each 500 Superfast would come to be identified by the name of the individual who commissioned it, be it the Shah of Persia, Peter Sellers
The major difference between the first and second series is the lateral air intake, this model car is made exclusively in Italy, by qualified personnel with twenty years of experience.
Pack consisting of base in hand-stitched eco-leather and as an option you can buy the Plexiglass Showcase, injection molded.
We offer 5 different colors with left and right hand drive, models replicated exactly like the originals, spoked wheels in real aluminum, faithful replica Borrani wheels